18 December 2011 @ 06:38 pm
Meme/Request Post  
I make no promises as to timeline, but I need a kickstart back into writing. This post is fluid - consider it more an open request post than anything, but the memes are there for ideas. Other possible prompts would be: a song (be sure to indicate if there are lines you want me to take literally or if you're more interested in the tone and mood), a quotation, a poem, an AU you'd like to see, etc. As you can see from the recent pages of my writing comm, I write almost exclusively SHINee.

Fic Meme 1 (3 sentences)
1. Give me a pairing (or character)
2. Give me an AU setting
3. I'll give you a three sentence fic.

Fic Meme 2 (gifs)
1. Give me a pairing or character
2. Give me a gif (does not have to be of said pairing/fandom/character)
3. I'll write a short fic (max 250 words, give or take a completed idea or phrase)

Status: currently open
comments are screened, nothing before christmas
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