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B2ST, On Our Way

Title: On Our Way
Pairing: Hyunseung & Yoseob
Rating: PG
Length: oneshot, ~1300 words
Notes: unbeta'd. This was going to go a different direction but I decided I wanted some more practice with the Beast boys before I tried something long. AU - Hyunseung is a dance teacher, Yoseob lives and works in Seoul. [edited, 1/11]

The bus trundled down narrow country lanes, hummed along the main street, and eventually groaned as it accelerated onto the cross-country highway. Hyunseung winced at the strained noises the engine was making, but soon everything settled into a steady (faster) rhythm, and he relaxed back into his seat. The head rest was loose, and it tipped back when he leaned against it, but he was too tired to be much bothered by the slightly awkward angle. He lazily mapped the wrinkles in the vinyl ceiling for a few miles before letting his eyes drift shut. If he were younger, if this route hadn't become routine, he'd be too excited to sleep, but he'd made the journey every weekend for the past few months and the scenery wasn't novel enough to be exciting anymore. He curled into the corner - back left, backpack holding the seat next to him, his usual seat - and went to sleep.

Hyunseung woke up just as the bus coasted downhill toward its last turn. It turned right, then left into the terminal's parking lot. The bus pulled into an empty space in the drop zone, and Hyunseung waited patiently for the rest of the passengers to disembark, scrolling through his playlists to find something else to listen to on the way. Hoisting his backpack higher on his shoulders and pulling a white knit cap over his sleep-mussed hair, he nodded to the bus driver and followed the crowd through the bus station, past the ticket counter, past the convenience stores and cheap restaurants, and out into the summer sun. He didn't have far to go, so he bypassed the taxi stand and the stairwell down to the subway. He would make the journey on foot today.

He jogged across the street when the light changed. This intersection was always busy, and the walk signal never lasted as long as it should. He slowed down again on the other side, knowing that he had no real reason to hurry. He'd taken the first bus out, instead of the eight-twenty-eight, and traffic was lighter than it was at his usual travel time. Yoseob wouldn't be expecting him for another couple of hours. Maybe he'd stop for a coffee or breakfast. Yoseob would feed him if he asked and he'd love the surprise, but Hyunseung didn't want to impose. It would break their pattern if he showed up early, if he asked for breakfast, if they started the day together. It felt much more casual to meet just before the lunch hour on a non-working Saturday and catch up over kimbap and soju in summer or jjigae and rice wine in winter.

Not that they were really that casual, or could pretend to be. It had been more than a year and a half since they'd met at the open bar at a mutual friend's wedding. Hyunseung had been stressed by the constant "do-you-have-a-girlfriend-when-will-you-ever-get-married-you're-too-old-to-be-single" and drank more and faster than he normally would. He remembered knowing he'd be embarrassed later but caring less and less with each sip. Yoseob had jostled against him in the coat room, when Hyunseung was struggling with the buttons on his rain coat.

"I hate weddings," Yoseob had laughed instead of apologizing. Hyunseung had nodded and then shut his eyes and bit his lip, trying to fight against the nausea. "Oh, hey, you alright? Man, don't puke in here."

Yoseob had swung an arm around Hyunseung's waist and guided him back to the bathrooms as if it were the most natural thing in the world for them to be clinging to each other. He'd leaned against the sink and waited while the wine came back to make him miserable, and when Hyunseung turned an embarrassed gaze on him, Yoseob had just laughed and clapped him on the back. It was fine, was he feeling better, and did he want to share a taxi?

"Where are you headed?" Yoseob had asked as they stumbled through the doors and out into the night.

"Some hotel," Hyunseung had muttered. "Shit, I don't even remember. It was gray."

"They're all gray," Yoseob had laughed. "Don't sweat it, my apartment's not far."

They had decided against a taxi and walked back. The night was crisp but not cold and the air was refreshing. Yoseob supported him with an arm around his waist even though he told him several times that he was probably sober enough to keep from wandering into traffic or an errant lamp post. It took a block or two for them to match their strides, but soon Hyunseung had felt strangely comfortable, and Yoseob had kept up a steady stream of chatter that had Hyunseung smiling the whole time. He'd gratefully taken the coffee Yoseob offered, and fallen asleep on the couch right in the middle of one of Yoseob's stories. Yoseob hadn't minded; he finished it over breakfast the next day.

Hyunseung shook his head in an attempt to shake himself out of his reverie. He saw the cherubic icon for Angel-in-Us coffee up ahead, and decided to stop there for a while. He waited by the counter for his latte, quietly taking in the crowded cafe. A green plush chair was free in the corner, so Hyunseung threaded his way through and sank into it, dropping his backpack by his feet. He nursed his coffee, rolling the cup a little in his hands. The ceramic cup was a little too warm for such a pleasant summer day.

They had exchanged phone numbers and Yoseob had made him promise to call the next weekend, to come back to Seoul. Hyunseung thought about it every day, so much that he'd decided it would be better not to call. He thought maybe he wanted to a little too much, and felt caution was in order. Slow down, slow down, you're moving way too fast. Yoseob had called on Saturday morning, inviting him out for lunch. He'd gone, and somehow by that evening - Hyunseung was lying to himself every time he said he didn't remember how - they'd ended up pressed close together in the corner of a noraebang couch, kissing between songs and sips of soju - just enough to have an excuse, just enough to have alcoholic indiscretions to hide behind.

Despite the alcohol and the dimly lit room and the blaring background music of the song they weren't even pretending to sing, Yoseob's words rang clear and solid in Hyunseung's mind.

"I like you. I like you. I like you. Do you like me?"

("And then you stared at me with your big eyes and you didn't even have the sense to smile at me or anything," Yoseob reminded him sometimes. "I thought I'd broken something in your head by being so straightforward."

"You kind of did," Hyunseung always replied. "Why do you always go ruining moments by talking?"

"Because you don't talk enough."

"You understand me anyway.")

Hyunseung's cell phone rattled against his thigh. He glanced at the screen and smiled. Yoseob.

"Wish your bus drove faster. I'm up early with nothing to do."

Hyunseung dialed his number.

"How far are you?" Yoseob asked, not even bothering to say hello. They almost never said hello or goodbye. Hyunseung liked that; it was like they were continually in conversation.

"A few blocks away. Come down and have coffee with me," Hyunseung said quietly, smiling at his reflection in the window.

"You're here?"

"Mm-hm. Took the early bus."

Yoseob made an incoherent sound of frustration and delight. "You should have come here! I'll be right there. Let's have breakfast."

"I'll wait," Hyunseung said, and ended the call. He smiled into his coffee cup and rolled the corner of the letter he held in his hand between his fingers. He couldn't wait for Yoseob to know, but he wondered how to tell him he was finally moving to Seoul.

Dear Mr Jang Hyunseung, On behalf of PlayCube Dance Instruction Division I am happy to offer you the position of choreographer and instructor. . . .

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I like it so much.
HyunSeob is my favourite pairing so I'm really happy to read a fic about them ^^
You really should write a sequel you know?

I like their relationship. It's nice, sweet.
Well good job~

[identity profile] 2010-11-29 11:58 am (UTC)(link)
It's hard to find some HyunSeob lovers. I'm glad you're one of them ^^
I want to read more of you ^^
And it was the first pairing I was interested by when I knew BEAST ^^

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jfhlgajdfgkjadhg i like it....a goshers they're so precious and so cute and just adkjgljk it's too bad i don't see a lot of them together...huuu~...but i love, yoseob's personality is funny blunt...i like it! XD

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gosh, with so many pairings, I'm beginning to fall in love with all of them! (Although I like any pairings with Hyunseung in it :P)

I definitely like how you describe the way they met, how their love blossom up to today. so much <333333


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YES. HYUNSEOB. I needed more hyunseung paired fics.. thank god.
this is nice, beautiful. <3
i love their personalities here, so calm and peaceful 8D hyunseung doesn't talk much~

i hope you write a sequel to this, enjoyed reading!

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yeah yeah yeah.
i swear Hyunseob is cuuuuute!
I loved reading this.
Ahah and their meeting ;)