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INFINITE: fashion is exhausting

Focus: Myungsoo-centric, as he seems to be a good observer.
Rating: G
Summary: Everyone's tired but the cameras never stop. Short scenes of Infinite at a photo shoot.
Notes: this was kind of an experiment and has no real plot. I'm still trying to feel out their characters.

The photo shoot is in the basement below the studio this time, and they're working with the expertly ripped shirts, delicately torn jeans, and precisely applied dirt that most of the brands seem to favor this year. The room is bare - bare walls, bare support beams, a bare concrete floor that's cold beneath their feet. They haven't actually made it back to the dorm in three days. Everyone is tired, but that just means the stylists don't have to put as much kohl around their eyes. The dead-on-their-feet expressions just add to the mood, according to the photographer's assistants who keep rushing in to rearrange their limbs and tilt their heads at more artistic angles.

Dongwoo falls asleep resting on Sunggyu's shoulder and the photographer darts up to take pictures of him. He pokes Dongwoo with a foot to get him to wake up, and promises that Dongwoo's startled expression will make the cover of High Cut next month. Myungsoo isn't sure if it's a promise or a threat, but he promises himself another cup of coffee, just in case the photographer was thinking of extending that invitation to anyone else.

Sungjong isn't the only one not actually asleep on his feet, but he's by far the most energetic. The phrase "magazine photo shoot" is still new and exciting enough to act as an adrenaline shot, and he keeps laughing, even though the photographer wants him to look "intense." Myungsoo suspects he's overshot his sugar allotment for the day by miles and miles. He's caught him coming back from school with bags of melon drops hidden in his backpack. They're basically sugar cubes, and they're forbidden, but Sungjong is young and Myungsoo isn't his mother, so he just demands a few candies ("Income tax. It comes in the house, I get some.") and holds the information hostage. He'd never use it against him, he likes Sungjong too much for that, but it's fun to have secrets.

Sunggyu is in the middle, not because he's the leader but because he's strong enough to prop Sungyeol and Woohyun up while holding his own pose. Sungyeol stands a little behind and to Sunggyu's right, and he drapes himself forward, arms falling lazily around Sunggyu's shoulders. Woohyun leans in from the other side, resting a knee on a box in front of Sunggyu's feet so he doesn't put all his weight on their leader's right arm.

The photographer's assistant directs Woohyun to lean a little farther over. Woohyun moves carefully, but it's a small movement that sets the whole thing off balance: he tips toward the floor and Sunggyu and Sungyeol crash into each other in their attempts to catch him. They end in a heap, and the photographer ushers the next group in front of the lights.

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