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SHINEE: Heroic Gesture

Focus: Jinki, ot5 (sort of)
Rating: PG
Summary: AU; Key and Taemin are acrobats with a traveling circus. Jinki walks in on something that doesn't seem right.
Genre: Nonsense.
WARNINGS/DISCLAIMERS: This is an AU. It is probably a little absurd. I'm going to blame the AU for the absurdity on this one. Also, Taemin is not retarded: he has a concussion and is easily confused.

The first time Jinki goes to the circus, he is six years old and one of the clowns pops out of a drum in front of him and sprays him in the face with a water bottle. It's all a bit surprising and he gets water up his nose and Jinki doesn't think he likes the circus very much.

The next time the circus comes to town, Jinki tells his friends Jonghyun and Minho to go without him.

"I have a lot of homework," he says.

"What kind of homework?" Minho asks.

"Math homework. Lots of math homework," Jinki nods. Minho sighs, and Jonghyun wrinkles up his nose.

"But, Jinki," he says. "It's summer."

Minho waits patiently while Jonghyun argues - his arguments always degenerate into short phrases of the "Are not!" or "Are too!" variety, and Minho learned long ago that the thing to do was to wait it out - but Jinki is resolute. In the end, Minho and Jonghyun leave without him and he manages to avoid going to the circus for almost seventeen years.

The second time Jinki goes to the circus, he is twenty-two years old and he's visiting as a representative for his father's butcher shop.

"Oh, I'm sure the catering division would love to have local food sources," the public relations woman tells him. She smiles too widely, wears too much makeup, and touches his arm too often for Jinki to feel comfortable. He feigns interest in the tent going up outside the trailer window and moves away from her. She remains tethered to her desk by a telephone cord, and that suits Jinki just fine.

"I'll just keep trying to get our head caterer on the line," she smiles, and Jinki wonders if circus food can legitimately be called catering. "If you'd like, you could go check out the pre-opening activities. I think there's a few rehearsals going on. Just stay out of the animals tent; they don't like unannounced visitors over there."

Jinki nods his thanks and exits quickly. The sound of an argument draws him to a pink and green striped tent. He looks around, but although the tent is filled with stacked chairs, barrels, piles of mattresses and other paraphernalia that Jinki assumes must be related to circus business, he doesn't see anyone inside. He decides he must have been hearing things, and starts to leave.

"No! I won't do it!" someone yells, and Jinki looks up.

"Don't argue with me. You'll do what I tell you, Taemin!"

"I won't! It's stupid."


Jinki finally catches sight of one of the boys - a slight figure with unnatural red hair is standing at the very edge of one of the elevated platforms.

"Get out," the redhead says, and he backs up a little further. The other says something that Jinki can't make out, and then the red haired boy is falling, oh god, he's falling. Someone screams. Jinki's not sure who.

Incredibly, he lands on a stack of brightly colored mattresses. Jinki can see a safety net, but it's not lined up with this platform. Why would they be up so high without a net? "He was trying to kill him," he realizes, and before he quite knows what he's doing, he runs forward and jumps onto the closest mattress. He clambers over to the boy, slipping on the unevenly stacked gymnastic pads and pillows. The boy makes a low noise, and frowns at Jinki.

"Er, hello."

"Hey!" A shout from above. Jinki looks up, and a sharp-featured boy stares back at him. "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Get away from him; he's mine!"

"Not anymore he isn't," Jinki mumbles. He hauls the boy up. The kid is barely conscious, but he wraps his arms around Jinki's neck, and Jinki stumbles back off the mattresses. "Come on, come on. Can you walk? Can you run? We're getting out of here."

The boy moans. "I told him it was a bad idea."

"Come on," Jinki repeats. With an effort, he scoops the boy up, but he realizes he won't be able to move very quickly that way, so he drops the boy's feet again. "Run," he urges, pushing him along.

"Taemin!" the other boy screams. "I'm coming for you!"

"Hurry," Jinki says.

"Um, what?

"Just, um, through there!" Jinki blurts, and they duck into a tent. It's chaotic, stuffy and hot and several people are shouting. Jinki finds the disarray confusing, but Taemin seems to have latched onto the idea of 'run and hide' now, because he pulls Jinki past several barrels and through a curtain to the other side of the tent, where two unconnected panels are tied up, creating an open door.

"Okay, wait, I have to make a phone call," Jinki says, and he pulls out his cell phone. Taemin shrugs and plops down on a nearby bench. Minho doesn't answer (he never does, his cell phone is more a mobile answering machine than a device for enabling two-way communication). Jonghyun picks up on the first ring.

"Jinki, I know you hate it, but the circus is in town next week," he says without preamble.

"I don't have time," Jinki interrupts, and then charges on when his friend tries to argue. "Jonghyun, listen. The circus is here now," Jinki says, a little breathlessly. "I'm here and I'm in trouble. Someone just tried to kill this kid-"

"What?" Taemin looks up, alarmed. Evidently he'd been listening. "Who?"

Jinki frowns at him. "Can you get over here as fast as possible?"

"It's here early?" Jonghyun asks, excited. Jinki wonders if he heard anything else. "Great! I'll bring Minho!"

"Fine, just hurry," Jinki emphasizes and hangs up. He spends a nerve-wracking thirteen minutes (he times it) peering around corners and trying to keep Taemin focused.

"I'm so sleepy," Taemin says more than once. "Is it late?"

"No," Jinki says. He's a bit distracted and he doesn't remember all that much from his first aid training, but he doesn't think it's normal to be dozing off while being chased by a maniacal killer. "Hey," he says. Taemin's sleeping again, so he pokes his shoulder. "Wake up."

"What?" the boy frowns at him. "Quit doing that." He pokes back.

"No," Jinki says, and pokes him again for good measure. "Does your head hurt?"

"Hm?" he stops to think. "Yeah."

This is a worrying development. Jinki doesn't know a lot about head injuries, but he's pretty sure he'll have to get the boy to a hospital, just as soon as he figures out a way to get off the circus grounds without being seen. "Just stay try to awake, okay? We need to be alert. He could still be here somewhere."

"Who?" Taemin asks.

"I don't know," Jinki replies. Taemin frowns at that but he's distracted by Jonghyun and Minho, who pick that moment to finally show up.

"This is great," Jonghyun grins. "How did you get in?"

"No time. We have to go. We need to hide him," Jinki explains, pulling Taemin up. "His name is Taemin."

"Okay," Jonghyun nods, but then he shakes his head 'no,' obviously not comprehending. "What?"

"We're going to take him back with us," Jinki says. "It should be safe at my house. I think. But we probably have to go to the hospital first." He peers around the corner again. Neither Jonghyun nor Minho have moved, and Jinki huffs impatiently. "What are you waiting for? Let's go!"

"Jinki. Are you . . . collecting people?" Minho finally asks, staring intently at Taemin. Taemin stares right back, mimicking Minho's frown.

"What? No!" Jinki sputters. "I-"

"Oh, he looks mad," Jonghyun observes, but he's not looking at Jinki. Jinki turns and blanches. The killer is running toward them.

"Quick! Run!" Jinki yells, grabbing Taemin by the arm and leaving the others to fend for themselves. Taemin laughs as they run, and Jinki breathlessly asks what's so funny.

"Nothing, Jinki," he giggles. "I'm just having fun."

Jinki doesn't think running for their lives is fun, but he doesn't have the breath to say so. They skid around a trailer and the killer's right there. He must have ducked around the other way, Jinki realizes. He's reaching for Taemin and Jinki panics.

"B-back off! Get away!" he shouts, pushing Taemin back behind him. He holds his arms up protectively, not sure if he's trying to make himself look bigger and more intimidating or just block him like he'd guard someone in basketball. If people tried to kill each other in basketball.

"But Jinki," Taemin says in his ear. When Jinki doesn't respond, he taps him on the shoulder. Jinki can't believe how calm he sounds.

"Jinki?" the murderer repeats. "Jinki? You're on a first name basis with this nutjob now? God, Taemin-"

"He's not-"

"I'm not the one trying to kill people!" Jinki interrupts them both. He points an accusing finger. "You, you! You murderer!" Okay, it's not the best line he's ever uttered, but it is effective. The killer pulls up short and stares at Jinki like he's lost his mind.

"I - what? You kidnapped Taemin!" The boy is yelling, but at least he's stopped trying to come closer.

"Jinki," Taemin says again.

"Kidnapped?" Jinki sputters. "More like saved his life! You tried to kill him!"

"I did not!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Jinki can see Jonghyun running down the gravel path. He's got Minho with him. Jinki sighs with relief. Back-up. The killer is outnumbered, now. Surely that means they're safe.

"Key?" Taemin says. "Jinki? Can you just stop?"

"Shut up, Taemin!" Key snaps. "You've got Stockholm Syndrome, you're sympathizing with your kidnapper! It's perfectly normal - well maybe not normal after five minutes but it happens to people so I'm sure we can fix you. Just hit him over the head or something and we'll call the police."

"I'm right here," Jinki says. He can't believe the nerve of this guy. "And I'll have you know I already called the police."

"What?" Taemin asks. "Why?"

Key laughs. "You're the most efficient criminal I've ever met. Are you hearing this, Taeminnie? He even calls the cops when he commits a crime!"

"What?" Taemin leans over Jinki's arm, and tugs at his sleeve. "Did you commit a crime?"

"Did I - no!" Jinki snaps hysterically. "Of course not!"

"Then why did you call the police?" Taemin asks, holding onto Jinki's arm and doing a very good impression of Jonghyun's confused puppy look.

"You were almost killed!"

"When?" he gasps, wide-eyed. That gives everyone pause.

"Jinki," Minho says in his very best mine-is-the-voice-of-reason voice, "I think your new friend has a concussion. Maybe we should take him to the hospital?"

"I know," Jinki says, exasperated. "I was kind of preoccupied with the whole running away from a murderer part."

"I'll take him to the hospital, thank you very much," Key says. "Since he's my partner."

"You're both criminals?" Jonghyun asks, aghast. "Jinki, your new friend is a-"

"Acrobat," Key interrupts. "We're acrobats."

Jinki is still thinking up a clever reply when he hears a familiar siren. "The police!" he shouts.

"Thank god," Key sighs. "I was starting to think you hadn't called them."

"But," Taemin says, still hanging on Jinki's arm. Jinki looks down at him, and he's pouting. "I don't want Jinki to go to jail."

"I'm not going to jail," Jinki says. "Key is going to jail."

"Oh," Taemin says.

"Oh?" Key repeats, flabbergasted. "Oh? Why you little - after all the work I've put into training you? That's all you have to say? And I'm not going to jail why would I go to jail - the guy who tried to kidnap you is going to jail."

"You pushed him off a platform!" Jinki yells. "Pushed. Him. Off. A. Platform. What part of 'Murder is wrong' don't you get?"

"He tripped!"

"You were yelling!"

"He wouldn't listen to me! How am I supposed to teach him anything if he won't listen?" Key glares at Taemin, who shrugs.

"I don't want to interrupt," Minho interrupts. "But do you really want to have to talk to the police?"

"Um," Jinki manages. "Well." They all exchange glances. "Not really."

"Cop." Jonghyun pushes Minho and Key forward, and around the side of the trailer. The five of them end up crowded together. An officer knocks on the trailer door. The door creaks open.


With a start, Jinki recognizes the voice and realizes that they are outside the same trailer he'd been in earlier.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but did you or someone else here report an attempted murder on the premises?"

"What?" the woman shrieks.

"We received a phone call a little while ago," the officer explains, "about an attempted murder? Unfortunately, the caller hung up before giving a name or location. All he said was that he was at the circus. Oh, and something about a pink and green tent."

"That's the acrobatics tent," the woman says.

"We should get out of here. Now," Key says. "Shirley is an absolute witch when someone calls the police for no reason."

"Mm-hm," Taemin nods emphatically. "Shirley scares me."

"Um," Jinki says, remembering that he was supposed to be doing a job here today. He wonders if he'll have to come back and pretend not to know anything about a phone call to the police or a dazed acrobat.

"Does that happen often?" Minho asks.

"Well, you know," Key shrugs, and Minho nods as if he does know. Jonghyun rolls his eyes and goes back to spying on the police officer.

"They're leaving the trailer," he whispers. "They're going that way."

"Come on," Taemin tugs at Jinki's sleeve.

"Ice cream?" he suggests.

"Yeah. Sure. That'd be great," everyone agrees.

"I love ice cream," Taemin says with a grin. Then his face falls, and he frowns. "Except it's cold." He yawns. "And I'm sleepy." The others exchange looks over his head.

"Hospital?" Minho asks, but it's not really a question.

"Aw," Taemin pouts.

"They have ice cream at the hospital," Jonghyun says. "I remember from when I got my tonsils out."

"Oh, okay," Taemin nods happily.

Jinki looks around. Minho and Key are quietly discussing the finer points of circus life, and Jonghyun is still spying around the corner, presumably waiting for a chance for them to make their getaway. Jinki knows Jonghyun has always wanted to try to make a getaway. It's just one of his things. No one's trying to kill anyone, which Jinki regards as a distinct improvement.

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