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2PM: losing

Title: losing
Pairing/Focus: ot7 (-Junho), Taecyeon/Jay if you're looking for it
Rating: PG
Summary: never bet what you're not prepared to lose. (cracky, just something silly I wrote after watching a movie)

"What do you mean, you lost him?" Taecyeon gritted his teeth to keep from shouting. Jay wouldn't meet his eyes. He kept staring at the floor as though there were something very interesting just past his toes. He had his hands shoved deep in his sweatshirt pocket. The rest of the members clustered around them, all except Junho.

"I just lost him, okay?" Jay stared at his feet.

"But how?" Chansung asked. "How do you lose a person?"

"I guess I wasn't paying attention," Jay shrugged. He still didn't look up. "I didn't lose him on purpose."

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Wooyoung said, and then he was done with the whole discussion. He stalked off toward Junho's empty room. "I can't believe this."

"You've got to get him back," Nichkhun said. "Minjae will have a fit in the morning when he finds out he's gone."

"Yeah, we can't just start losing members," Chansung said. "Especially to Shinee."

"I don't know if I can get him back," Jay said. He shrank a little more into himself, chin tucked into his chest, shoulders hunched. "I think Minho cheats."

"Minho wouldn't cheat!" Nichkhun burst out.

"He cheats at poker," Jay said. "He definitely cheats at poker."

"Out of curiosity," Taecyeon asked some hours later, after they'd successfully negotiated Junho's safe return. "Who would you have won?"


"Damn," Taecyeon whistled. "Bad luck you lost. Jinki's definitely worth more than Junho. Hey, glasses, glasses!" he yelled when Jay tried to hit him with a pillow.

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Interesting. Thanks for writing [=

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LOL i love this.

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At first, I thought that Jay had lost Junho at the mall or something, like he was a 5 year old child XD

This was a nice read~
Thanks for sharing ^^

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haha this is so adorable =) such a lovely little piece.
the shinee crossover makes me smile. haha.