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SHINEE: Sleeping Arrangements

Title: Sleeping Arrangements
Pairing: Jonghyun, Onew/Key
Rating: G
Summary: Key isn't great at waiting up, but he's stubborn. Jonghyun just wants to get some sleep.

Jonghyun woke at just after 4 a.m. "So. Hot," he thought. Walking past the living room on his way for a glass of water, he noticed the glow of the television and saw Key slumped down on the couch, asleep. He padded over to the television, squinting at the bright light, and turned it off.

"Key," he grumbled. "Hey! Key. Go to bed."

"Hm?" Key stirred. "No, I'm gonna wait."

Jonghyun sighed. "He's not back yet?"

"Don't think so," Key said. He stretched his arms, rubbed the back of his neck, and then flopped sideways.

"No, no, come on." Jonghyun nudged Key's leg with his foot. "Go to bed."

Key mumbled a negative, and threw an arm over his face. Jonghyun shook his head and continued to the kitchen. He stood in front of the open refrigerator and gulped down half of a glass of water. He left the glass on the counter and walked back to his bed.

He was just getting comfortable when an image flashed in his mind of Key, slumped on the couch in that way that was sure to put a crick in his neck. He pushed the covers back and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He sat with his eyes closed, almost hoping he could sleep sitting up. Then he got up and went to Key's room, opening the door quietly. Taemin was sound asleep. Onew's bed was empty, and of course so was Key's. Trying not to disturb Taemin, he took a blanket and pillow from Key's bed. He crept back out of the room.

At the doorway he paused. Key was snoring softly, and there was no way to get the pillow under his head without waking him. Jonghyun dropped the pillow and blanket on the floor next to the couch, where Key would be sure to find them - or trip over them - if he woke up.

Jonghyun woke again at 5:16 a.m. He groaned. He just wanted to sleep. Maybe the room was too hot to sleep in; maybe another room would be better. He took his pillow and slipped out into the living room.

Key was still asleep on the couch, his blanket spread haphazardly over his legs. Onew was curled up on the floor with Key's pillow.

Jonghyun turned and walked down the hall to the other bedroom. It was almost as cool there as in the living room. He curled up on Key's bed and fell asleep.

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Onew, Jonghyun left the pillow there for Key to use, not you. Hahahaha!
But how sweet...
Key waited for Onew and when he got home, he went straight to sleep with Key.
OnKey <3
Jonghyun is so sweet too. Worried over Key. Good friend indeed.

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This is very precious :( I like how you showed the relationship from Jonghyun's POV and how very subtle and simple it therefore was - there wasn't a complication or overabundance of feelings and that made it comfortable and to an extent, refreshing.

This was an adorable read, thank you for writing and sharing! ♥

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Short, simple, and oh-so-sweet ♥

This had a nice combination of subtle hints of romance and not-so-subtle hints of friendship.

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omg. onkey TT TT and !friendship jongkey. you are like, awesome. :DDDDD

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Am I the only one who sees this as Onkey+ onesided Jongkey? xD
Liked it ^^

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word use was perfectly in tact. these kind of fiction remind me of how tablo from epik high writes. ; o; he would use pretty words for a single slow paced plot. oh god, i love this style. ♥ onkey is beautiful.

..and what adds to the craftiness of this piece is the reality that comes into the reader's perspective.

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This is really adorable, Jonghyun is so sweet, take good care of Key and I think he must have been worried about Onew too. But I don't really understand why Jonghyun slept on Key's bed. Shouldn't he have gone back to his room happily and let OnKey slept together like that? Is he in love with Key? Gah, I don't think so, I love JongKey as bestfriends. They're the same type and caring for each other.

Poor Kibum, it'll be hurt like hell in the morning if he sleep like that, and maybe Jinki was to tired to stay awake and carried both of them in the bedroom. But at least, they feel warm and contented around each other. This is really cute. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

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i really, really, really like this! the final image of onew and key just sleeping it up on the floor warmed my heart like a chicken nugget ;~; please write more shinee fic (and 2pm and infinite and OH YES, BEAST /nudges forever)! ♥

[identity profile] 2010-11-04 12:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Saw the new fic you posted on shinee_replay and decided to check this one out first (because onkey ♥) - and omg, so so cute. Simple, but effective :).

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You know...this makes me sad, because I see Jjong pining away for Key here (I guess we see what we want to see). I love that Onew just plunked down on the floor next to Key (probably the coolest place in the apartment) on Key's pillow (which I'm sure is the next best thing to Key when it's too hot to snuggle).

This is really lovely and well-written.