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INFINITE: Fortress

Title: Fortress
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Notes: inspired by a prompt from one of the recent cycles of [ profile] seouldout, recently (11/10) edited

Sunggyu and Woohyun were the last ones home that night. They'd stayed late at the studio, working on a new duet for the radio shows. Sunggyu was so tired he counted the last few steps to the front door. ("5, 4, 3." - "Come on, it's not that bad." - "2, 1.") Turning the key in the lock, he pushed open the door. He started forward but stopped almost immediately and Woohyun bumped into his back, too intent on getting to his bed as quickly as possible to notice.

The apartment had been ransacked. Pieces of furniture were tipped over - the long coffee table was on its side, the cushions had been pulled out of the back of the couch. There were pillows and blankets everywhere. Had the closets been emptied, and the bedrooms as well? Sunggyu blinked several times, but the vision remained the same. He'd heard of this kind of thing happening before, but he couldn't imagine who would try to rob Infinite. They'd debuted barely more than a month ago. They didn't have any money, or anything worth stealing. It was madness.

It was some small comfort that the thieves had been disappointed. And at least they hadn't taken the blankets. Belatedly, Sunggyu realized that the other members had left the studio nearly two hours earlier, and he started to panic. Where were they? Had they been here when the thieves broke in, or worse, had they surprised them mid-rampage?

"What happened?" Woohyun asked. He leaned around Sunggyu to get a better look inside, swinging his arm around Sunggyu's neck for support. "Oh, wow."

Sunggyu brushed him off. "Come on, let's see if the members are here. Maybe they already called the police-"

Sungjong poked his head out from under one of the blankets somewhere in the vicinity of the couch. "You're back! Come inside, there's room over there!"

Dongwoo's voice could be heard, muffled. "Ow, oof, hey, guys, ow, Sungyeol you are sitting on my foot!" Finally, his head appeared over by the bedroom door. "It's probably best if you try to come in from that side, actually. It's pretty crowded over here," he said, glaring back under the blanket. "Try lifting up the edge of that pink one."

His head disappeared again.

Woohyun laughed. Pushing past Sunggyu and kicking off his shoes, he made a dive for where the couch should have been. Sungjong cried out and Woohyun jumped - "Don't pinch!" - and then crawled under the blankets.

Sunggyu set his bag down and closed the door. He lay on his stomach and stuck his head under the pink blanket. The other six boys smiled back at him, their faces lit by flashlights and Sungjong's DS, which sang in tinny staccatos as it was passed around. Hoya grinned and tugged on Sunggyu's arm.

"Come on in, Sunggyu. We saved you a spot."

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