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Let's tell stories.

Okay, we're going to round robin. Add a sentence, or a paragraph, or a few lines of dialogue. Break off threads wherever, start new ones, etc, etc, etc. (I think it'd be kind of cool to have parallel universes. AUs within AUs.)

I have no idea why I'm doing this.
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He's sure he had something important to do today, but since he had forgotten what it was, surely it wasn't that important. Blearily, Jinki sends his hand over the edge of the bed, swatting at ground in an attempt to find the phone and turn it off.
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"You know how spacey this kid can get, you were supposed to be watching him," Kibum tells Minho and then stands to find their managers in the economy class, completely ignoring Minho's indignant, "How is this my fault—"
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They aren't. Jinki tries to recall the last time he saw Taemin, possibly next to Minho. But since Taemin and Kibum wore matching sweaters to the airport today, he's been having trouble distinguishing them from behind. He's always known not to give into Kibum's ideas since they always turned awry, but matching sweaters had seemed like such an innocent idea in the morning.
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Except, somehow, Sunwoo still finds himself in a wedding dress as they film their parody for Boys Over Flowers.
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"Hyung!" Taemin exclaims, eyes shining. "Should we put them in the closet? Or on top of the bathroom mirror?"