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Yeah. Requests.

SHINee only, for now. Possible B1A4 in future, if I ever get a better handle on their characterizations.

No Taemin pairings, I can't for the life of me work that kid out.

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though how can that be au, they might just be LOST IN PARIS
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anything really! though i'd love to see jinki with taemin or jonghyun! :3 or both. or all of them .or just have all of shinee flailing about trying to figure out how to get unlost.

req fic

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can i request? :)
hmm. .in which jinki is a crown prince and kibum is just an assistant (?) and im expecting love-hate relationship. I know its common but whtever lmao

Re: req fic

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western royal story? like modern royal life ryt? ok :) thx