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B2ST: The One Where Doojoon Died, Sort of

Title: The One Where Doojoon Died, Sort of
Pairing: Doojoon, Hyunseung
Rating: PG
Summary: Doojoon wakes up on the bathroom floor, and realizes he's dead.
Author's Notes: Crack, written for a friend who wanted some Dooseung. It's just... random. I don't know.

Doojoon goes to sleep in Nairobi and wakes up on the dorm's bathroom floor.

He opens his eyes and sees the wrong colored ceiling, and scrambles to his feet. He looks around at the tile and the mirror in confusion. "Why am I in the bathroom? Did I hit my head? I bet I hit my head. I hit my head with my own shovel and I'm unconscious or I got hit really hard and I'm in a coma, maybe I'm dying - oh my god I bet I'm dying. Why am I dying in the bathroom? This sucks."

Just then Hyunseung walks in, and has the nerve to turn pale and get upset, like this is the worst day of his life. "Oh my god, I'm hallucinating."

"You're hallucinating? I'm dead!" Doojoon almost shrieks. Almost, because real men don't shriek. Even if they're dead.

"You're dead?!" Hyunseung goes wide eyed. "How could you die? When did you die? Why did no one tell me you were dead? Why am I the last to know everything?"

"This isn't about you right now!" Doojoon yells.

"Then who is it about? You're dead! Oh my god." Hyunseung's mouth hangs open a little, and he stares and stares until Doojoon gets annoyed.

"Why are you staring?"

"Because you're dead. I've never seen a dead person before," Hyunseung says.

Doojoon rolls his eyes. He wonders why he would ever choose to haunt the bathroom, especially if the bathroom has Hyunseung in it.

"You don't look dead," Hyunseung says, cocking his head to one side.

"Thanks," Doojoon says dryly.

"So, what's the message?" Hyunseung asks.

"What message?" Doojoon asks. He's confused, and annoyed, and dead, and he doesn't have time for Hyunseung's random outbursts right now. "What are you talking about? Why are you so random?"

"You're dead, right? And I'm not. And when the dead visit the living, there's always a message," Hyunseung reasons. "So, what's the message?"

This stumps Doojoon, and he frowns a little. Hyunseung sighs and leans against the sink, his posture giving the distinct impression that he thinks this could take a while.

"Maybe it's a dream?" Doojoon suggests hopefully. He doesn't want to be dead.

"But I just woke up," Hyunseung points out.

"Damn," Doojoon grouses, and kicks at the edge of the bathroom rug.

"Hey," Hyunseung says. "Cheer up."

"About what?" Doojoon glares. "I'm dead."

"Oh, yeah." He pauses to consider this. "I just woke up, do the others know you're dead?"

"How would I know?" Doojoon flails. "I'm dead."

"Well, it's just, should I wake them up?" Hyunseung asks. "Do you want to talk to them?"

"I'm not even talking to you," Doojoon mutters. He realizes he's tired, and wonders briefly if ghosts can sit without falling through whatever they're sitting on. But then, he can stand without falling through the floor, so sitting should be okay. He sits on the floor and leans against the wall.

Hyunseung pushes off from the sink and turns so that his back is against the same wall, and he slides down to the floor. "Hey," he says, setting his hand next to Doojoon's. "I'm sorry you're dead."

Doojoon nods and pushes out a quick gust of air. "It kind of sucks."

"Yeah," Hyunseung agrees. He reaches out with his pinky finger and touches the side of Doojoon's hand. Doojoon stares, and Hyunseung wrinkles up his face in a look of pure concentration, and pokes Doojoon's wrist. "Hm," he says.

"What are you doing?" Doojoon asks wearily. He's dead, after all, he shouldn't have to deal with Hyunseung's random weirdness anymore. Even if he kind of likes it.

"You don't feel like a ghost," Hyunseung says. He pokes Doojoon's arm, and Doojoon swats his hand away.

"Quit that," he says.

"But you felt it," Hyunseung says.

Doojoon stares at him. He jabs a finger at Hyunseung's chest. It doesn't go straight through him, it's stopped by muscle and skin and thin t-shirt. "Huh."

Hyunseung flings his arms around him. "You're alive!" he grins against Doojoon's shoulder.

Doojoon smiles. "This doesn't feel like death," he agrees.

"You're not dead!" Hyunseung is jubiliant, adorable, and maybe just a little loud, but Doojoon is more concerned with wrapping his head around being dead or not dead, in Nairobi or in Seoul.

"I was in Nairobi."

Hyunseung jumps up, and grabs Doojoon's hands. He pulls until Doojoon gets the hint and stands with him.

"I was in Nairobi," he repeats.

"You're not anymore!" Hyunseung shouts. "You're here!"

"Hyunseung," Junhyung whines from the doorway. "It's the middle of the night. Just bring Doojoon back to bed or let him sleep on the bathroom floor again."

"You can see him?" Hyunseung asks.

"What?" Junhyung rubs at his eyes. "He's sleepwalking. Bring him back to bed."

"Hyung!" Hyunseung whirls around. "You're alseep!"

"But I was-"

"Dreaming!" Hyunseung says, flinging his arms wide. He knocks an elbow into Doojoon's chest and it hurts, but Doojoon grins.

"You are both so weird in the middle of the night," Junhyung says, and closes the bathroom door.

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